Talya has been teaching fitness for the last three years in Raleigh, Atlanta, and now DC! Talya is a former professional ballet dancer and became hooked on high intensity + low impact workouts as a way to prevent injuries and build strength while dancing. You can find Talya cycling all around DC to try new fitness classes, walking her pup in Rock Creek Park, or in her apartment perfecting her kombucha recipe!



Razi joins us from Boston and yes, like most Bostonians, she is constantly talking about her hometown. Razi has been moving and shaking her bod since she was in the womb and throughout her life always kept a part-time fitness job. Whether it was teaching barre, HIIT, Surfset, or working on weekends as a motivational bar mitzvah dancer (yes, you read that correctly) Razi is her happiest when connecting with others and sharing her love of fitness. Razi was introduced to the Lagree method while visiting her sister in NYC five years ago and became instantly hooked. “No matter how good you get at it, it never gets easier and that’s what motivates me to learn everything I can in order share this life changing method with others.



Hailing from Fairfax, VA, Kristina is a natural athlete. From coaching rowing and swimming after a college career in competitive rowing at Michigan State, Kristina made her way into the fitness scene. She is a major foodie and has no fear when it comes to trying different foods from a variety of cultures. She is passionate about travel and is most in her element in the sun. When Kristina’s not teaching Lagree you can find her at the beach or restaurant hopping in the city followed by a Caps game!


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Originally from South Florida, Amanda grew up as a golfer and dancer. She started working in the fitness industry in 2010 while pursuing her BA in International Affairs/Geography at GWU. Amanda started teaching the Lagree method in 2016 and believes no class challenges your strength/stamina quite like it. Currently, she teaches 12 different fitness formats (ranging from PiYo Strength to Spin), while also working privately with clients and athletes across the Northeast region. She is a USAW Sports Performance Coach and focuses on Olympic lifting for her own training. In her spare time she enjoys making her own playlists and even mixing her own music.

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Marley moved to the DC area from Florida this past year for her husband’s job. After starting her Lagree career in Florida, she is excited to get back into teaching her favorite workout! When she’s not working out, you can find her spending time with her adopted German Shepherd, Chopper. She is very passionate about pet adoption, and loves all animals and volunteering at shelters in the area. Marley has a boot camp approach to the Megaformer and her number one goal is to make you sweat through extremely fast transitions. Her natural high level of energy will push you past your comfort zone and motivate you to new heights!

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Originally from Raleigh, NC, Maggie has been teaching a variety of fitness from barre, aerobics, and now, Lagree. After 20+ years of dance, she is constantly in search of finding workouts that create strength in a low-impact way. Maggie’s favorite part of teaching fitness is the community that it creates. Her quick moving, intense class will have you burning and shaking, and maybe even laughing at some (bad) jokes. When she’s not in the studio, she’s out and about finding the best coffee in the city.



Kathryn has been teaching the Lagree Fitness Method since 2016, and she specializes in creating challenging classes on the megaformer that can be modified for all levels of fitness. Kathryn is certified in Barre, Pilates, Cycle, and dance fitness, and she is a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE-CPT), a Certified Health Coach (ACE-CHC), and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA-CGFI). Kathryn's background is in ballet, contemporary dance, and classical theatre, and she choreographs and performs professionally at venues across the DC area.