Courtney comes to us from sunny San Francisco, CA where she spent the last few years crafting her killer Lagree chops and is thrilled to bring her style to LagreeDC. She loves taking a thoughtful approach to the megaformer and tries to offer a “why” for every instruction. This paired with her high energy, intense and efficient method of teaching allows her students to rise to their peak potential. When she is not teaching you can find her on long runs trying to tire out her dog Pretzel, mastering her guitar skills, or experimenting with her latest bread recipe. 



Hailing from the Lone Star State of Texas, Damon is a professional ballet dancer with a performance and teaching career spanning over 20 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge about mind body awareness, kinesiology, Pilates, posture, alignment, and creativity to Lagree training. He always enhances the already unique workout with a sense of musicality, and movement sequence that makes anatomical sense, simultaneously protecting and strengthening the body. His classes are both intense and light-hearted, creative and driven by the best music to keep clients inspired, focused and accomplishing their wellness goals. He holds certifications in CPR (2019), Group Exercise Instructor Certification, ACE (2019), Lagree Method (2013).



Hailing from Fairfax, VA, Kristina is a natural athlete. From coaching rowing and swimming after a college career in competitive rowing at Michigan State, Kristina made her way into the fitness scene. She is a major foodie and has no fear when it comes to trying different foods from a variety of cultures. She is passionate about travel and is most in her element in the sun. When Kristina’s not teaching Lagree you can find her at the beach or restaurant hopping in the city followed by a Caps game!



Angeleaza is a DMV native, and has lived in DC since 2011. She has been teaching a variety of fitness formats for the past three years, and she's excited to add Lagree into her rotation. Her approach to Lagree pulls heavily from her dance and POP Pilates background, and her classes will leave you shaking, sweating, and burning! When she's not teaching fitness, you can find her either drinking kombucha, or putting her Musical Theatre degree to good use as she acts, dances, and sings her way across DC's professional stages.


Olivia (Liv)

Liv Weller is a former collegiate fencer and a lifelong athlete. She believes that fitness helps fuel a full life and is passionate about finding ways to incorporate movement into her every day. Struggling to find a consistent workout after college, Liv fell in love with the Lagree method in 2015 and never looked back. Not only does this workout help you build strength and flexibility (without all the impact), it also keeps you coming back for more because it never gets easier! Devoted student turned instructor, Liv is excited to craft challenging and effective workouts to help clients embrace the burn at any level.


Emily has been a fitness enthusiast since growing up playing tennis. Playing through college eventually led to chronic back injuries, and when she hung up her tennis racket she discovered a new passion for finding a fitness routine that would provide relief for her back but still be effective. As an experienced spin, barre, and Pilates instructor, Emily grew to love the Lagree method and has been loyal to the mega-former since 2013. Now she can share what she has learned a long the way by creating classes that are challenging, fun, and can provide modifications to meet any fitness level or accommodate injuries. 


Monique’s classes are tough and designed to ensure you get a full body workout, but her awesome playlists and high energy help to motivate everyone in her class. As a dancer for most of her life leading into adulthood, strength training through isometric movement is a true passion. Monique utilizes her training to emphasize correct form and tempo. Monique’s Mission: to ensure that everyone, no matter your age or fitness level, has a great time in her class and leaves feeling stronger.